09 Apr 2010 Law of the Harvest
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I’ve recently recognized that one of the adversary’s most frequently used tactics – quite successfully, too! – is perversion of the “Law of the Harvest.”  Said law essentially states that you reap that which you sow.  For instance, an apple will produce apples.  Makes sense, right?  Similarly, if you sow effective study habits, you’ll reap a better educational experience.

In both spiritual and temporal contexts, the adversary twists and distorts the Law of the Harvest to serve his purposes, as evidenced by what we colloquially call “instant gratification” or “gimme-it-now-itis.”

The Law indicates that if I sow unhealthy eating habits – i.e. excessive calories – I will reap excessive weight.  Satan seeks to manipulate us by obfuscating the  Law through introduction of something foreign, such as liposuction or so-called “miracle weight loss” pills.  Whereas the Law is absolute: if you want less weight (reaping) you must adhere to the Law that governs weight (sowing).  To do otherwise is contrary to eternal principles and ultimately will lead to negative effects, regardless of how “effective” the deceptive weight loss practice proves.

Likewise for money.  If you want to be wealthy you must sow the behavior(s) and thoughts (i.e. adherence to the Law) that governs financial independence.  Reliance on the lottery, the government, or other method(s) to generate wealth are a gross violation of the Law of the Harvest.

In spiritual terms, if I want to acquire Godly attributes, I must sow the appropriate seed(s).  It’s inconsistent with divine principles and patterns to expect, or even hope, for Godly attributes in my life without adherence to the Law that governs such attributes (a.k.a. blessings).

No wonder the adversary is so focused on perversion of the Law, since it governs every aspect of our lives.

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  1. Good job, Dear. 🙂 I love it!

  2. 2

    The Law of the Harvest is true. I like your blog. Very nice.

  3. 3
    Mr. Smith 

    Thanks and welcome. I don’t write often but, when I do, I’m hopeful it’s valuable. 🙂

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