23 Oct 2009 Lord’s tender mercies
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Mrs. Smith wrote an entry about tender mercies of the Lord and I feel to document one such experience I had yesterday – the same day as Mrs. Smith’s, in fact.  I actually had two “tender mercy” instances yesterday, and will share the first.

Background: Everyone knows it’s bad to look at the sun directly, right? So what’s the next best thing? Clouds! When the sun is behind a cloud but near its edge, the sky is lit with brilliant, dazzlingly bright light like lightning, but which lasts long enough to enjoy. I can’t imagine a brighter, more representative brilliance of His glory – without translation to withstand His glory, anyway – than the radiance of those moments.

Similarly, when those brilliant moments are accompanied with sunbeams, it invokes imagery of God’s benevolence, that His smile pierces all things and illuminates the world, but especially the location of the sunbeam’s ground track.

If I were an artist, I could likely spend my entire lifetime trying to capture those moments, and yet find myself unable to engender the thrill they infuse into my soul.

Experience: Yesterday moring I witnessed – and experienced – His light and smile descend from the heavens and pierce my soul.

Driving South down I-15 the overcast clouds began to part near the mountains. As the rising sun neared the clouds’ edge, the light increased – it seemed the sky itself would burst into flame for the light’s intensity! Finally, when it seemed the mountain tops – capped with snow, which further enhanced the brilliance – would begin to melt under the fervent light and heat, the sunlight shone through in a magnificent sunbeam that illuminated much of the Salt Lake valley.

Continuing down I-15 the sunbeam seemed to move South with me and caused me to greatly marvel at the majesty of the Lord’s creations and handiwork. Slowly the clouds closed and, to my surprise, another sunbeam appeared to the South, though this time much smaller. Instead of a large ground track over the valley, this one began on the top of the mountains and moved a little West until it rested squarely on the Draper Temple. Though clouds moved and swirled around, as I continued South I seemed to maintain relative positioning with the clouds such that the sunbeam remained focused on the Temple.

As I neared the Bangerter exit, the sunbeam shifted and headed West toward my vehicle. At the moment I exited I-15 heading West – away from the Temple – I perceived the sunbeam reached me because I felt the radiant warmth and light as my eyes adjusted. I perceived no shift in shadows from cars ahead 500-1000ft, nor signs or objects to the sides. Near as I could tell, the sunbeam was focused exclusively on my vehicle as I drove a few thousand feet down the Highway until, presumably, the clouds over the mountain closed and the sunbeam retreated.

Words cannot describe nor express my thoughts and feelings as I drove down I-15, culminating in the light that infused my vehicle and soul. I perceived His closeness and His smile that pierced my soul’s core, and brought sweet assurance that although others witnessed the meteorological events, the experience was a personal gift that is mine alone to treasure.

Allow me to further attest that my experience, though personal, is not unique: He doesn’t love me uniquely, but is certainly willing to provide such personal experiences and “tender mercies” to all His children.

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  1. Nice, Sweetie. 🙂 I still wish you’d had a camera!

  2. thanks for the inspiration I was stressed by work but i learnt that life is about living to the fullest and enjoying every moment.Thanks a million

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