24 Jul 2009 At the Grandparents
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We’re at Mrs. Smith’s grandparents’ farm this week.  They live in a small town in Idaho (Payette) and have an orchard.  Usually there are lots of fruits to be picked but, unfortunately, there’s little fruit this year because of late frosts, excessive magpies, and such.  It’s kind of weird because we usually help pick cherries, peaches, and other delectable fruits for resale from the farm… this year, though, there’s so little it’s heart-breaking.  🙁

For the faithful reader, this will be the first mention on my blog: last week, July 19th, I was sustained, ordained, and set apart as the Bishop of my Ward (for those unfamiliar with LDS terminology, a Ward [and Branch] is the smallest unit within a geographical make-up for the Church; Wards are units within a Stake [Branch is similiar to a Ward and is a unit within a District], and each District & Stake are included within some geographical region; although the smallest geographical area, in my mind it represents the place where the proverbial rubber meets the road, as it’s at the Ward level that individuals meet, commune, worship God, associate, live, love, learn, and experience pain – together).

I’m over-awed with the awesome (and by that I mean crushing, huge, massive, scary – not ‘cool’) responsibilities imposed on Bishops in their meager attempts to love and serve those individuals within their local geographical boundaries.  Nonetheless I thank the Lord (a) that He trusts me sufficiently, (b) provides supporting local members, (c) has given me a magnificent wife and family, and (d) has high expectations of what our Ward should – and will, God willing – be.

I hope to not let Him or those same supportive local members down!

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