08 Jul 2009 Cutest family ever
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The normal daily routine (Mon-Fri, anyway) is that the kids/wife wake up just a bit before I head out the door for work.  We read scriptures, pray, and they each get a hug/kiss before I leave.  Then as I’m walking away, Cinderalla and/or Doodle often wave at the window, come outside and wave/yell, and sometimes go out to the sidewalk waving and yelling until I’m essentially a speck in the distance – or until I stop turning around and waving back, anyway.  Well, one day last week my cute family decided to shake things up a bit.

The morning proceeded normally: showever, shave, breakfast, scriptures, prayer, hugs & kisses, adios.  This time, though, it wasn’t enough.  Standing at the bus stop – roughly 100 yards away – I look over at the house, where Doodle and Cinderalla are still waving, and I see Eagle tear out of the yard and start toddling over to me.  Mind you, there’s a busy road next to the sidewalk (we have a fence to keep the kids in, which is normally closed) and you must cross an intersection to get to the bus stop.  Naturlich, I’m worried about Eagle and start to walk towards home.  I’m comforted to see Mrs. Smith follow a few seconds later, though, so I figure everything is under control.

Well, Eagle was apparently not to be deterred from his objective.  He rather quickly toddled over the 100 yards – all of the kids sans shoes (no glass, fortunately!) – and gave me another hug & kiss.  The other kids, both of whom arrived before Eagle, also provided additional hugs and kisses.

Instead of my lonely wait at the bus stop, the whole family gathered until the bus came and then waved as I boarded the bus and we drove away.  Some other passengers commented on the adorable family and how much they love their daddy to come out there.

It filled my soul with gladness and was, to me, one of the “tender mercies” of the Lord that He’s given me a loving wife and children.  Hopefully I will be worthy of such devotion.

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2 Responses

  1. Hm… Isn’t there something in your normal routine where you miss a few busses because you’re helping with the kids?

    Other than that, very accurate description of that day. Kind of you to leave out how our barefoot children and your lovely wife were clad in PJs still. LOL!

  2. 2
    Mr. Smith 

    Right, several missed busses also part of the norm. As for the PJs, that wasn’t intentional; rather, in typical male fashion (at least this male’s), I didn’t notice. “Body clothed? Good enough for me!”

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