17 Mar 2009 Surprise!
 |  Category: Family

Mrs. Smith and the kiddies are due home any minute from their trip to San Diego. Although I missed my brother-in-law’s wedding, which is a bummer, I (a) got a lot of stuff done at work, (b) a lot of personal progress, and (c) the house is cleaner, I think, than it’s ever been since we’ve owned it (not including the brief period it was empty before all our… uh… “stuff” arrived).

Sorry faithful reader, I don’t have a camera to capture Mrs. Smith’s, or the kids’, reactions. You’ll have to imagine the surpise, delight, and ectasy of the moment. Perhaps Mrs. Smith will immortalize it later. If not, stay tuned to her blog, as I’m sure she’ll have some great photos forthcoming! 🙂

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    The best gift of the decade!!! Go “John”!

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