30 Nov 2008 San Diego Vacation
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We’re in San Diego where we’ll be for the next week or so.

We left Friday night around 10pm MST and drove through the night.  We arrived at our first stop, my brother’s house, at ~7:30am PST.  You do the math – my brain still hasn’t woken up, I think, from the all-night drive.  Mrs. Smith was awake for the first couple of hours, then she was out with the kids.  In fact, she slept more than the kids did, as they awoke periodically during the trip.  And Doodle is in the midst of potty training, so he was specifically taken to the restroom each time we stopped for gas, and would then be awake for some time once back on the road.  The good news is that we’ve left him without a diaper now for three nights running – and he’s been dry come morning for three nights running.  Wahoo!

In true Smith fashion, we don’t have anything planned for the week, apart from Wednesday morning when I have my CA Real Estate Broker exam scheduled.  I think we’re going to hit the pool(s)/beach tomorrow, we’ll see.  As for the other days, it’s fair game.  Sea World, WIld Animal Park, Disneyland, SD Temple, In-N-Out, etc… only time will tell.

We’re staying in Oceanside, technically, at the WorldMark (by Wyndham) timeshare resort.  We love our WorldMark ownership.  If anyone is looking for a great timeshare opportunity, one that provides maximum flexibility with useful vacation opportunities, let me know.  I’m not looking to sell anything, but I’m willing to provide information and personal experience, fwiw.

No pictures of the trip to view, though, for a couple of reasons: (1) I’m not much for taking pictures, and (2) My wife is, so I encourage the interested reader to peruse her blog.

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