26 Nov 2008 Quintessential Book Worm
 |  Category: Miscellaneous

My wife.  Yes, she is the “ubergeek” of books.  In preparation for our upcoming road trip to San Diego, we stopped by the library tonight to retrieve some held items.  I waited in the car with the kids while she went inside to get the goods.  A few minutes later she comes walking out carrying a mountain of books and CDs (audio books).  The clothes matched what she’d been wearing when she went in but everything from her torso upwards, her face included, was obscured.

“Wow, that’s a lot of books, dear.”  Her reply?

“I know – isn’t it great?”  This is said as she literally embraces the stack of books now safely esconced on her lap.  Yes folks, she’s actually snuggling with the books (I’m getting jealous while driving home!).  I’m surprised she didn’t strap them under the seat belt with her.  Cinderalla, sitting in the back, asks Mommy what she’s doing.

“Oh, nothing.  Mommy just loves books.”

Yes.  She does love books.  She is the book “ubergeek.”

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