23 Nov 2008 Neat Spiritual Moment
 |  Category: Inspirational

The Bishop of our ward is out of town for the next few weeks so as his First Counselor the responsibility to preside falls into my lap (a most uncomfortable feeling).  Along those lines, I was also responsible to get speakers for Sacrament meeting.  I called a few people (who did a great job!) and during two of the persons’ comments they mentioned how the talks assigned, from the most recent General Conference, were clearly intended for them.  One individual even mentioned how, when she originally heard the talk given by Sister Allred, it was for her a “life-changing moment” (I think were the words).

I’m grateful that the Lord is able to take something simple (me) and turn it into something wonderful for this Sister and Brother and, hopefully, for those that heard them speak.  I certainly don’t have the spiritual sensitivity I’d like – it’s not like I go around and see beams of light from folks’ heads and just know they need to speak on xyz on Sunday – but nonetheless it’s neat to be a part of that process whereby others have personal spiritual experiences.

Moreover, I’m grateful for all those persons in my ward that have accepted callings, whatever the role.  Their willingness to serve is what enables the Ward to function, and nothing the Bishop (or his Counselors) do would work if not for the members’ faithfulness.  To them, I am indebted and grateful.

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