20 Nov 2008 Precious Moment
 |  Category: Family

So, when Alisa came home with the kids tonight they were asleep so I dutifully trudged outside to carry them upstairs to bed – that’s what Daddy’s do, right?  Unbeknownst to me, little Doodle also thinks so too, apparently!  He woke up some and as we were walking up the path to our front porch he said, “You’re carrying me – you’re the best Daddy!” and gave me a bug squeeze around the neck.

Don’t know about yours, but it melted my heart.  Life is full of challenges but nestled within them (sometimes deep within) are the nuggets that matter.  Such was this precious moment to me.

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    You *are* the best Daddy. Our kids are so blessed that you live for these moments – who would rather be with them than working. Glad you made note of this.

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