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10 Dec 2008 more training
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Another fun-filled day of Marklogic training. This time, though, I was able to participate a little more than last time (though not much). Most of the time was spent working issues that arose today, and others that needed follow-up given my absence for the last couple of weeks.

24 Nov 2008 Incommunicado projects
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I hate it when projects don’t communicate with needed personnel until it’s the 11th hour. Grrr.

20 Nov 2008 Great Squirrel Herder
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So that’s my new title and I kinda like it: Great Squirrel Herder.

In conversation today with some co-workers it was mentioned that it sometimes feels like we’re herding sheep. However, we’re not shepherds because sheep willingly follow shepherds.  We’re more like sheep herders, behind the sheep with prods trying to keep them moving in a certain direction. Someone else brought up squirrels instead, implying that’s more accurate than sheep. I told him I was going to steal it, which I have.

Run free my minion squirrels – divide and conquer!

20 Nov 2008 “Oncall” woes
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Since I returned home from my mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in December of 2000, I’ve been employed in the technology sector (in fact, I was before my mission, too, but not for large enterprises).  And throughout that period of time I’ve been “oncall.”  For any that may be unfamiliar with the concept, there’s a rotation of x weeks (which depends on the number of others in the rotation) when any alerts, pages, problems, et cetera, land in your lap.  Some weeks there’s a little; some weeks there’s lots.  Always it’s blech.  And when you’re in technology management positions (as I’m not currently – yay!) it’s worse, because you’re essentially oncall 24/7/365.  True, the first set of alert(s) don’t always come to you, but you’ll be the escalation point.

So, I’m oncall this week…

I’m looking forward to a career, some day, when I’m not oncall – ever.  😀

14 Nov 2008 Glad it’s Friday!
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I spent the day, from 9-5, in training for an XML database/application server. Although the concept is cool, it’s rather dry material to study for an entire day (no discredit to the presenter). I’ve noticed that many of the people present have heavily imbibed the “Kool-Aid” though, whereas I’m skeptical of the vendor’s claims.
Going on a date night tonight with my dearie, Mrs. Smith – wahoo! 😀

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