11 Jul 2011 Rare opportunity
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Several weeks ago in my previous LDS Ward I was unexpectedly asked to participate in an ordinance of significance for an individual and his family.  Specifically, I was asked to ordain someone to the office of an Elder in the Melchizedek priesthood!  How grateful I was to be where I should have been that early morning, for had I been absent the opportunity would have been lost!

For those unfamiliar with LDS theology, the Melchizedek priesthood is the authority by which God’s Prophets work miracles, from Adam down to our day.  Moreover, it is the same power necessary to qualify for and receive the fulness of blessings realized in and through additional ordinances and covenants available in God’s holy Temples.

The Smith family has been in the midst of significant changes of late (see Mrs. Smith’s blog for specifics) and I’ve neglected recording this sacred event.  My apology to the young man who requested my participation!  I felt it a sacred and solemn moment to ordain this individual an Elder and act as mouthpiece for the Lord in providing blessings and personal counsel.  Thank you, for the unexpected and special opportunity.

He is a great, faithful Elder of God, supported by his loving wife and children.  I count myself fortunate to know them and count them amongst my dear friends.

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