16 Apr 2009 Starburst flavored jelly beans
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OK, so I tend to be the type of person that grabs a (small) handful of candies and pops them into the mouth at the same time.  I don’t have a well developed sense of taste – which I’m sure is because I have fewer taste buds than average, and not because of my eating habits – and so I figure they’ll all taste the same anyway, so why bother eating them one at a time.

My wife has proven me wrong.  Who knew – besides her – that starburst jelly beans do in fact taste different, that each of the various colors (yellow, green, pink, purple, orange, red, and maybe others) correspond with a specific flavor.  I didn’t believe her at first.  She put two of the same kind in my mouth at a time and you know what?  I, the taste loser, could distinguish different flavors!

In fact, before our experimentation was through I was able to close my eyes, eat one, and correctly identify the color jelly bean I consumed based off its flavor.  Perhaps this milestone in my life doesn’t mean as much to others, but for me it was quite the eye-opener.

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