09 Mar 2009 Family gathering
 |  Category: Family

I’m down at my folks house in Saratoga Springs. I’m not sure exactly how many munchkins there are running around, but I bet my grandparents feel every jostle, scream, and noise! Hehe. Dinner was nice. I’m not looking forward to the drive back home, though, given the near-whiteout conditions – maybe it will clear up some before we leave.

What I wanted to highlight, though, is the cotton candy machine my parents have. I’ve not used it since I was a kid, before my mission. I saw it in their cupboard today and just had to have one… so I did. I introduced Cinderalla to the wonders of cotton candy. Doodle didn’t want to try it – poor boy doesn’t know what he’s missing. Mrs. Smith, grandma, and others enjoyed it, though. As did I. 😀

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