03 Jan 2009 Great Day
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What a great couple of days it’s been.  Mrs. Smith already hilighted how great yesterday was, so I’ll mention today only.  First off, the kids woke up happy.  Wahoo!  Yesterday when the kids got up, they decided they wanted some yogurt (oh, important plot element – Mrs. Smith and I were still in bed and though awake, barely, we {poorly?} elected to remain in bed) and proceeded to eat five yogurt containers… on top of the space heater in the front room… leaving the unfinished containers on it where small Eagle hands greedily found them and promptly consumed them… or attempted to, but most of it was found dripping onto the rug, down the sides of the heater, and matter into his hair (which never smelled fruitier!).

So, this morning, instead, Doodle was very clear to tell me that he wanted some yogurt, but that he was only going to get one yogurt (which he repeated about 100 times as I’m groggily enjoying my Saturday morning, bless his big heart).  Having been urged thus by my children to awaken, I got up, took Eagle with me, and left Mrs. Smith to slumber on peacefully, which she did for some time (yay!).  We had some cereal and good times in the morning.

Later in the afternoon we went to Sugarhouse park with the Tolleys, friends that live nearby, and went sledding – wahoo!  I’ve not been sledding in a long time and, believe it or not interested reader, I’ve never been sledding with my kids before!  Ever.  Thought we had some near misses and collisions amongst ourselves, and from other enthusiastic children, we managed to come back home sans injury, but with big smiles, appetites, and somewhat cranky kids (they were hungry and tired, after all).  We fed them some old, moldy, crusty bread (well, it wasn’t old anyway) and sent them off to take naps.

Of course, they didn’t take naps, but they did remain mostly quiet upstairs which is as good as it gets without direct divine intervention.  Doodle came down eventually, “stealthily” snitched some crackers and retreated back upstairs.  He came down a bit after and again “quietly” grabbed some more, presumably for his directing sister (or possibly his grumbly tummy).

Afterwards we had a great dinner (thanks Mrs. Smith) and then decided that since the kids watched Prince Caspian last night, it would be OK if they watched The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe tonight.  Both Cinderalla and Doodle had to go give Mrs. Smith a big hug, kiss, and tell her “Mom, you’re the best – I’ll love you forever” which they gleefully and anxiously did!  🙂

So we popped a couple tons of popcorn (OK, I admit it, I exaggerate at times – it was only one ton), turned on the projector, cranked up the surround sound, and immersed ourselves in the magical world of C. S. Lewis’ creation (with only occasional interruption for Eagle’s crying and kids’ potty breaks).

A little playtime afterwards, and sprinkled throughout the day, a bedtime story, comments of “You’re the best, dad” and “Dad, I love you” of course made this a glorious, happy day for the Smith family.

Don’t you wish you were a Smith, too?

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    Yes I do. Oh wait — I am! 🙂

  2. Long time no post, dear. Did you feel taken advantage of by my mooching off your record? 😉

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