21 Dec 2008 Christmas Sunday
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This morning poor Doodle woke up sick.  Bummer.  Not sure what’s wrong – he doesn’t have a fever, hasn’t vomited, and doesn’t complain about any specific pains.  But he’s assuredly not his usual “chipper,” energetic 3yr-old.  He woke up a couple times during the night and needed assistance (as he stood at the top of the stairs crying/screaming – at least the second time he followed my admonition and came downstairs to get me).  He, Eagle, and Mrs. Smith stayed home from Church today as a result, as well as Mrs. Smith’s grandmother’s house, who was going to watch the kiddies while we attended “Music and the Spoken Word.”

So, I went downtown to attend the musical Christmas broadcast at the Conference Center.  We took the youth of our ward down there.  I’m not sure if they all enjoyed it, but hey – they went… that’s more than I can say I likely wouild’ve done had our roles been reversed!  This was the Choir’s annual Christmas broadcast, so the Conference Center was ‘dolled up’ with festive decorations.  Surprisingly, President Monson attended the broadcast, too, so that was neat for the kids to get to see him (even if from a distance).  Some great music, I thought.  The concluding song was the “Hallelujah Chorus” from Handel’s Messiah which was, of course, spectacular.  President Monson, et al, stood up for that (which, according to Mrs. Smith, is “the way it’s supposed to be done ever since King so-and-so stood up for it when first played for him back in Handel’s day” – I’d never heard that before… any truth to it, readers?).

I picked up Cinderalla and headed to Church, which was a great outpouring of the Lord’s Spirit on His Saints (lots of capital letters in that sentence, goodness!).

Grrrr, the chilluns just came downstairs.  They’ve been thumping around up there for nearly an hour, which I don’t usually mind so long as they stay upstairs.  However, they haven’t.  Grrrr.  I won’t likely conclude the remainder of the day’s activities now, so suffice it to say it’s been a good day.  Too bad Doodle and Mrs. Smith are sick.  🙁

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  1. It was King George II…no one really knows why…some say it was because he hated it. Others say it was because he was so moved…others say to stretch his legs. Guess we’ll never know, but the fact remains that the king stood and as tradition was at the time, when the king stood everyone else did as well. So, we continue to stand. The tradition is over 200 years old. Whatever the reason, I think that alone makes it pretty cool.

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