10 Dec 2008 engagement ring story
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Alright. The other day I alluded to a great story about our favorite jeweler, Tony Bagdy. It’s time to document the story. Cue the music:

Some couples shop for rings together and others do it apart. In our case, we shopped for rings together. We got mine from Unicorn jewelry in Rancho Bernardo (San Diego), with which we were quite displeased. I don’t recommend their services or products to anyone. From that experience we went looking elsewhere and discovered Palomar Jewelers. While there Mrs. Smith located the ring. We ordered it to be her size and sometime thereafter I picked it up and proposed. Mrs. Smith elected to wear the whole thing, not merely the engagement band, because it was so nice which was fine with me.

Now, understand Mrs. Smith is not much of a jewelry person (yay!). She occasionally will wear something, but by and large she doesn’t rely on jewelry to enhance her physical features (yay!). Unfortunately, the byproduct of that is that when she washed her hands one night at an “Islands” restaurant, she took it off and failed to pick it back up. She discovered the ring’s absence a little later during the meal but the ring, by that point, was gone. She hunted through the trash, we had the U-drain checked, etc, but alas, no ring. Someone likely picked it up. 🙁

So, there we were: engaged and ringless. A few days later we stopped at a supermarket and plunked ~$5 into a toy machine trying to get a ring but, alas, no ring for us! Now we were ringless and $5 poorer – argh! So I went to Tony’s store, explained what happened, and requested a new one be created with the same design as it was the ring. When I went to pick up the ring several weeks later, Tony gave me a tremendous surprise: he charged us only for the band, not the precious stones (diamonds)!

First off, he certainly didn’t need to provide anything for free, yet he did. Secondly, the band is considerably cheaper than the diamonds, particularly since he specifically put in diamonds of better quality than what we originally purchased!

Think he got customers for life You betcha! Customer service may be a dying thing in many industries, but it’s alive and well at Palomar Jewelers!

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  1. You forgot the part where she got to the jewelers first and the surprise was ruined!!! I was (and still am) so glad this all worked out though…

  2. 2
    Mr. Smith 

    I’d forgotten about that part, actually. It’s nice to have friends that remember some details that might otherwise go undocumented. 😀

  3. 3

    It was funny how our jeweler thought I knew about it, and was just beaming as he showed me *his* surprise. There was my ring (huh?!), all complete when I knew we’d talked (but only talked!) about ordering the ring from Tony, the diamonds through a friend… Double-surprise for me! 🙂

    Yes, your surprise was ruined — but it’s a good thing Tony showed me , so you didn’t have time to order the diamonds elsewhere like you’d planned. It all worked out for the best. 🙂 I {heart} Tony!

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