16 Nov 2008 Family struggles
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Poor Mrs. Smith hasn’t been able to sleep well in, oh, about 4.5yrs now (ironically about the same time she became pregnant with our first child… I doubt there’s any correlation, though).  Some days it’s worse than others.  Yesterday was one of those “worser” moments.  I feel impotent, utterly unable to remediate the problem.  Like most guys, especially engineers, when there’s a problem, we don’t want to just hear about it and do nothing – we want to fix it!  Well, I haven’t yet discovered the way to fix this one.  🙁

Something’s gotta change for Mrs. Smith.  I’ve discovered that I can get by successfully with considerablyless sleep, from both a routine and once-in-a-while perspective (not that I don’t enjoy sleeping, I just have many obligations that require that I be elsewhere physically which thus precludes a lot of sleep).  Unfortunately, she’s the one that handles “Eagle,” the smallest Smith, and his sleeping habit (or lack thereof) is driving her bonkers.  And when Momma is bonkers, so goes the rest of the family relatively short order.

Clearly the Lord must know a better way, so I’ll continue to seek His guidance, because I’m at the proverbial wits end.  Any suggestions, especially from those that find themselves in a similiar pickle with their spouse?

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