14 Nov 2008 Stake Temple Day
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So, today (well, yesterday technically, I suppose, since it’s past midnight) was our Stake’s Temple Day (SLC Temple).  As expected, we had a difficult time find a babysitter throughout the entire day.  Fortunately, Mrs. Smith’s grandmother (“Grams”) was willing to watch the kids for ~3hrs (bless her!).  So we went to the Church Museum to play at the “I am a Child of God” exhibit.  Then we dropped off the kids and Mrs. Smith and I went to the Temple.

We arrived just in time to attend the “chapel session” where we heard from President Moore (Stake President), and recently called President Lunt and his wife (1st Counselor in Temple Presidency, called last week).  After their comments we participated in baptisms.  That’s where Mrs. Smith and I first met, actually – doing baptisms in the San Diego Temple on Halloween night, 2002 (another story for some other time).  We’d not participated in baptisms together since then, so it was a neat experience.  😀

A few other ward members were present throughout the day, but we saw very few, and overall the attendance was poor, in my estimation.  I hope that more attended throughout the day and simply weren’t at the chapel session.

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