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14 Nov 2008 Ice vs. Head – Ice Won
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So, for our date night I thought I’d surprise Mrs. Smith with ice skating.  It’s something we both enjoy immensely yet haven’t done since we’ve met over, over six years ago as of Halloween.  She’s even carted her ice skates around with her since we were married.

We dropped off the kiddos with the Finnels, with whom we have a regular babysitting-exchange (and the Tolleys – yay!), and were off.  Got some food at the Costco food court (much cheaper than a full-blown restaurant, that’s for sure) and were off the the ice rink.

We quickly discovered that neither of us were… uh, well, any good.  Any proficiency we’d had in our youth was clearly expired, along with general flexibility.  I did observe significant improvement in both Mrs. Smith and my own skating throughout the hour before we were kicked off the ice for the zamboni (how often does one get to use the word “zamboni” – neato).  Unfortunately, just as we were ready to get off somehow, inexplicably, Mrs. Smith fell and cracked her head on the ice – OUCH!  🙁

On that cheery note we decided we’d better stop, so we went and got the kids.  Not the ideal way to end our ice skating adventure, or our date, but I think we’ll have fond memories of tonight’s date night… eventually.  Poor Mrs. Smith.  As anyone who’s smacked their head on ice can undoubtedly attest, it hurts!

I fought the ice and the – ice won; I fought the ice and the – ice won

14 Nov 2008 Additional photos
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I’ve added some additional photos to the picture frame header.  I’ll add more as I find the time.  I like the random photo display of the fam.  🙂

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